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7078009 Milk Lady

Started on Sat Feb 20 10:28:19 1999


18.02.99 07:27 Milk Lady  hello
18.02.99 08:01 Milk Lady  so do you speak english and german?
18.02.99 08:02 Bernd  More German than English, of course ;-)
18.02.99 08:03 Milk Lady  could you please help me translate something?
my teacher translated everyone else's except for mine and told me i have to do it and do it correctly and i have an oral tomorrow
18.02.99 08:03 Bernd  I hope I can, let's try!
18.02.99 08:03 Bernd  Are you a friend of "Lovely and Big Smiles"?
18.02.99 08:03 Milk Lady  no why?
18.02.99 08:04 Bernd  She's a deaf friend of mine in Australia.
18.02.99 08:05 Bernd  So what do you want me to translate?
18.02.99 08:06 Milk Lady  ok it's half way through the dialog so i hope you can understand it. I will do it one line at a time 

" When I was walking down the aisle I spotted my mum and dad. I was missing them so I ran over to them making everyone laugh. "

18.02.99 08:08 Bernd  Als ich den Gang entlangging, erblickte ich meine Mutti und meinen Vati. Ich vermisste sie, also lief ich zu ihnen hinüber und brachte alle zum Lachen.
18.02.99 08:08 Milk Lady  On the way back to the aisle I thought I would throw petals down from my basket except they were fake and wouldn't come out. 
18.02.99 08:12 Bernd  Auf dem Weg zurück zum Gang wollte ich Blüten aus meinem Korb werfen, aber es waren Attrappen, und ich konnte sie nicht herausnehmen.

- How much is going to follow?

18.02.99 08:12 Milk Lady one more line and here it is

Everyone laughed again and that made me cry. In the photo shoot the photographer stepped on my toe and yelled at me, that made me cry some more."

18.02.99 08:15 Bernd Alle lachten wieder, und das brachte mich zum Heulen. Bei der Photo-Aufnahme trat der Fotograf mir auf den Zeh und brüllte mich an, das ließ mich noch mehr brüllen.
18.02.99 08:15 Milk Lady thank you so much you are a life saver
18.02.99 08:16 Bernd I hope your teacher won't notice the native speaker!
18.02.99 08:16 Milk Lady well she is german herself
18.02.99 08:17 Bernd So tell her you were helped by a German teacher. And my regards to her!
18.02.99 08:18 Milk Lady oh ok  she is a bitch i hate her
18.02.99 08:19 Bernd I do hope you don't hate all Germans. Maybe I could improve the German image a bit?-))
18.02.99 08:20 Milk Lady no it is just her she wears bright green pants with a blue top
18.02.99 08:20 Bernd Beautiful!
18.02.99 08:20 Milk Lady are you serious
18.02.99 08:21 Bernd no, just kiddin'
18.02.99 08:21 Milk Lady she has a little spiky fringe and has a blonde streake down the middle of her hair
18.02.99 08:21 Bernd But if you learn German we might continue in German.
18.02.99 08:22 Milk Lady well im not that good at german i can't remember some words and don't get the endings either or the verb placings
18.02.99 08:23 Bernd Well, you should try Latin or Finnish!
18.02.99 08:24 Milk Lady nah it's alright there is a finnish girl in my class
18.02.99 08:25 Bernd Sounds very international.
18.02.99 08:27 Milk Lady oh ok sorry i have to go now i have to do the rest of my homework and practice my oral
18.02.99 08:27 Bernd CU, and good luck for your German studies.