Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Peter Szekely and I am writing to you on behalf of Association Eurotraining. Currently I am working on a project which involves a group of 20 deaf young

people with ages ranging from 19-24.

We would like to organise an international bi-or trilateral youth exchange and we are looking for deaf partner groups. If you are interested, please contact me as soon

as possible. As far as the financial resources are concerned, we intend tofinance our project in the framework of the (EU)programmeYOUTH 2000-2006 (or

PHARE). This is available in all European countries.

YOURT2000-2006. This is avaliable for all EU (or would be member  countries) countries. In this program, there are several sub-programs, which finance different

kinds of activities. One of these is called INTERNATIONAL YOUTH EXCHANGE. In the framework of this program, groups of young people organize exchanges

with another group from an another country, with similiar age, set up and interests. The aim of such exchanges is not exclusively promoting youth tourism. The point is

to learn about the culture, heritage and habits of the visited country.

Two kinds of exchage are possible: hosting and sending. I would like to do both, if possible.These exchanges usually last about 2 weeks. The hosting organisation

fiinances the accomodation, food, local traffic....., and the sending organisarion applies for the cost of the travel to the host  country. That is all briefly.

I know, that this idea may not be familiar, but do not hesitate to write me for further information.

I hope that my short (I think too formal) message will motivate you and others, and I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


Tel +3630 3411241


Peter Szekely